How Artificial Intelligence is changing the future of German Army

The multiplicity  threats coming from technological based systems continues to rise as the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. Contemporary society are undergoing  technological revolution that will is radically shift the way we live, work and build soverign nations. While it remains uncertain how this will exactly spread, it’s evident, that the response required to manage it must be integrated and comprehensive, and will involve all elements of society, including the defense sector and military area.

Technology continues to advance with a not foreseen impact, and while the fundamental nature of warfare may not be changing; its character and amplitude will certainly be.  The actual defense world is litteraly living the same revolution as the switch from horses to tanks. This transformation affect a large kind or industries, from  information technologies, to data processing, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, bio-science.

Whitin Europe, some nations, some times le less expected one, are ready for transformation. The attached position paper shows how the BUNDERSWEHR ( German Army) is considering the use of artificial intelligence among the defense value chain.



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